(Grab a bag of fortune cookies and take a chance!)

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Fortune Cookie Lieder celebrates the sense of fun and anticipation of opening up fortune cookies at the conclusion of a Chinese meal.  Here, the fortunes become the text!  The work ends when all the fortune cookies have been used up.  A solo instrument (SEE below) accompanies the vocalist.  At times the instrument plays the role of an impassive onlooker. At other times the solo instrument seems to engage in a dialogue.  Be sure at the end of the performance to distribute the opened cookies to the audience! 

Fortune Cookie Lieder is available for download in the following versions.  Downloads are free but a $2 donation would be greatly appreciated! 

Soprano (or tenor*) with flute, violin, or guitar download here 

Soprano (or tenor*) with Bb clarinet download here 

Soprano (or tenor*) with viola download here

Soprano (or tenor*) with cello, bass, bassoon, or marimba download here

*tenor to be performed 8ba

  scores are best printed on 8.5 x 14 (legal) sized paper 



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