A 35 minute musical score that is practical and written to be sung by children from 4th through 8th grades.  An accompaniment that can either be played by piano or even using the CD accompaniment which is available.



A soprano role that allows the students to work with and learn from an experienced adult singer.



An important message of peace and tolerance presented in an entertaining fashion.


Many little solos within the opera to allow students to shine! One aria for a student with an especially lovely voice, and one "rap" number for a particularly rambunctious member of the cast!


Songs that are fun for the kids with enough "inside humor" to entertain parents as well!


Students learn about opera by performing in one. The opera also gives ample opportunity for learning about other cultures.


Opportunity to engage the school in class projects about peace.  Opportunity to engage the community to support a production of a children's peace opera.


Your production of "The Classroom" will have the support of the composer. Any questions about the music, or suggestions to tailor your production for your school or community's needs will be addressed in friendly, cooperative way,   Just email me!


More Than An Opera: An Opportunity to Learn!


The Classroom is more than a performance of a musical work!  It is a production which engages young children in any number of meaningful activities.  Here are activities we did for the premiere production along with other activities: 


  • Learn and discuss the music to "The Classroom."        
  • Explore the types of music from the cultures in the opera.  What do kids of different backgrounds listen to? Are there similarities?  Differences?
  • Have kids write their own songs about peace and coexistence.
  • Have kids listen to/or perform songs about peace. 



  • Have students create individual covers for the concert programs and fill them will symbols and expressions of peace. (See Examples)
  • Have students design the set for the opera, perhaps researching and reflecting the groups that are to be portrayed.



  • Have students learn about the cultures they are portraying.
  • Have students get pen-pals with kids from the cultures they are portraying.
  • Have the cast party at a restaurant that reflects the culture(s) being portrayed on stage.  We did this and it was a wonderful experience!
  • Have a PTA bake sale following the performance and donate the proceeds to a charitable cause for peace (have the students select the cause).

This project is continuously growing!  What are your suggestions, or your community's experience with activities for your  production of "THE CLASSROOM?"


I would love to hear from you with your ideas!  Please email me.